A elementary English writing.

Hi, my name’s Enrique, I’m fifty-eight years old. I’m Spanish, Barcelona city from. I’m married to Ana. We have two children, Elena and Carlos. They are thirty-four and thirty-three years old. We live in Barcelona.

We are traveling to Dublin, in Ireland. The airport es fully and quiet noisy. I’m going to ask some information at InfoPoint:

Helllo, good morning. What’s the gate to Dublin, please?     Hello, sir, good morning. Can I help you?    Oh! Yes, Please. We’re traveling to Ireland, where’s  the cheking desk ?     It’s upstairs, desk number thirty-three. The lift is over there, next to mechanic stairs.     Thanks you.

We take the lift and go out at first floor. Directly in front us is the thirty-four desk, next the thirty-three, the our. Very quickly we arrive and ask assistant:

Excuseme, ist it British Airways?    No, it isn’t, it’s Air Lingus. British checking desk is number thirteen, sir.     Tkanks a lot.     Oh, my God, number mistake!! Let’s go, family, come on!!!    We walking for a hundred meter and finally we’re at wrigth desk. The’re people who work in all directions, then a blonde tall woman ask me:    Good morning sir, can I help you?     Yes, please, we’re traveling to Dublin.     OK. Can I have yours tickets, please?     Yes, here you are.     Thank you. And yours passports, please?     Just a moment…… This is mine and these are theyre passports.     Thank you. I’m sorry sir, who’s Carlos? Oh yes, He’s next to my wife Ana.     That’s Ok. And who’s Elena?    Yes. She’s over there, next to policeoficier. Hey, Elena!!, come here, please.     All is rigth, thanks. Here you are yours passports and boarding cards. Please, go to number fifty-eight gate. Have a good trip, sir.

Some time later:

“Good morning ladies and gentlemans, we are fliing at seven thounsand kilometers high…….we’ll arrive to Dublin at quarter past eleven. Have a good trip and enjoy yourself” The pilot says.     We’re talking about placesa to visit and things to buy.    Ana begins to talk Elena about other passengers. Is that woman with long black hair and black sunglasses an actress?     No, She isn’t, She’s a TVpresenter, answers Ana.  Where are the two women behind us from?    The’re from Poland, They are Polish. No, no, They aren’t, They are Russian………At same time Carlos is working his laptop and I’m talking to the partner seat:     Hi, I’m Enrique, nice to meet you.     Hi, me too. My name is Ariel, this is Agata.     Nice to meet you, Agata.     Me too, Enrique. Where are you from?     I’m Spanish, I’m from Barcelona city. What about you?     We’re from Buenos Aires but we live in Dublin. Are you on holiday?    Oh yes!, on Crhistmas holiday.     Great! excuseme, what’s this blue brilliant thing?     It’s my new iPod. And what’s that?     It’s her small laptop.     Is it a new Mac?     No, it isn’t. It’s a Chineese one. I hate Mac’s. Enrique what about your family? Are you married?     Yes, I am, I get married to Ana.We have two children, Elena and Carlos. They are next to you, Agata.     Hi!! Nice to meet you.     Sorry, but They don’t speak English, only Spanish and Catalán.     No importa, we speak Spanish. Encantados de conoceros.     Nosotros también, gracias. Enrique, tenemos calor, sed y hambre.     Agata, please, turn air conditioning on. I’m thirsty and hungry, too.    Ariel, push help bottom on, please.    Oh yes.


Good morning. Can I help you?     Yes, please. Can we have something to eat and some drinks?     Yes, sure. Would you like coffee, coke or mineral water?      Three mineral water and one coke. And four sandwiches, please.     Yes, sir.     Ariel, Agata, would you like something?     No, thanks.     Hello, here you are, your sandwiches and drinks.     Thanks for all.

We eating and drinking our sandwiches and drinks. After I’m listening to music, Ana is reading her e-book, Carlos is working  his laptop and Elena listening to her Mp3. Agata and Ariel are working on theyr computer.


Arriving to Dublin:     Let’s go. We’ll take a taxi outside airport. Came on!! Let’s take our bags , don’t forget nothing.


Calling a taxi:

Good morning, sir.      Good morning, could you take us to seventy-six, Abeedeen Road, Crystal Palace Hotel, please?     Yes, sir.     How far is it?     It’s about 50 miles.     How much is it in Euros?     It’s about 50 Pounds. I don’t know it is in Euros.     That’s all right. Let’s go everybody.


Arriving at hotel:

We’re at the Hotel, sir.      Great! Please, could you give us our bags?      Yes, sir.       The black one is his. The grey one and the pink one are their and the brown one is mine. How much is it?      Here you are. It’s fifty seven pounds, please.      Take sixty, please. Give me a receipt.      That’s all right. Your receipt, sir. Wellcome to Dublin, goodbye!!!

Let’s go, come on to checking, I’m tired.     Hello, wellcome to Crystal Palace, can I help you?     Good morning, we have a reservation.      What are your names, please?      Rincón family. Elena,Carlos,Ana and me, Enrique.     Just a moment….. Yes, for six nights?      Yes, that’s rigth.       Please, can I have your passport?     Yes, sure.     Thanks. Please, can you answer some questions to complete the guess form?     Yes. Go ahed.      First it of all, you, Mr. Rincon. What’s your first name?     Enrique.     What’s your surname? I’m sorry, it’s Rincón, it isn’t?     Yes, it is.     And where are you from?     I’m from Spain.     How old are you?     I’m fifty-eight years old.     And what’s your address?     Thirty-two, Mallorca street, first floor, first door.     What’s your postcode?     Zero,eigth,zero,three,five.     What’s your e-mail address?      It is  enrique@rincon.cat.     And your phone number?      My mobile number or my home number?      Both, please.     My home number in Barcelona is nine, three, three,fifty-seven,twelve,zero, nine. And my mobile is six, one, two,three, four, five, six, nine, zero. It’s a Spanish mobile, I’m sorry,but we are tired, could you finish forms after lunch, please?    Are you rigth, sir. Here are your keys. You are rooms four hundred ninty and ninty-one. The lift is next to the bar. Enjoy your stay Mr. Rincon and family!!.     Thanks you.


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