My daily routines

I wake up at half past six on weekdays, but I get up ten minutes later. Then I have a shower, get dressed and have a breakfast. It is usually an orage and lemon juice with ham on a toast, twice a week it is soft cheese on a toast and a cup of tea.

I always make my bed and put clean plates and cups into cupboard. If it is necessary I put the washing machine on.

I take my dog for a walk every day until eight hour, then my wife and I go to café before taking the metro. We together have the first morning coffee. Next She goes to work nine. I usually play tennis or do exercise. After that, I go back home and I have a small lunch. Then I do housework and go to grocery twice a week.

I have English conversation classe on Tuesday and I have Italian classes on Wednesday.

I have lunch about half past two. I spend one hour and half to eat. Then I relax, after that I do my homework while I listen to music on the radio.

I go to lenguage classes at EOI every day. Monday, Wednesday are English time. Tuesday, Thursday are Català time. On Friday, I change English/Català every week.

When I go back home, I take my dog for a walk again.  After that we have dinner, I clear table and put dishes on dishsoap. Then I wacht TV for a half hour, and finally is time go to bed.

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