A simple dialog. Go shopping

Hello! good morning, can you help us, please?     -Yes madam. What are you loking for?     -We want some clothes, but before we have a question, do you have special offers?     -Yes, sure, but first it of all, you must complete a form before you start to buy. Just a moment, please.     -Yes, here it is. Let’s begin. Please, what’s your name madam?     -It is Ana. Without H and only one N.     -Ok, and your surname, please?     -Sánchez Sánchez.     -Thanks. How old are you?     -I’m fifty five.     -Are you married?     – Oh. yes, I am. This is my husband. His name’s Enrique. He’s fifty five too.     -Can you give me a phonenumber contact, please?     -Yes, it is six,ou, eigth, four, three, zero, five, four, zero.     -How many people are there in your home?     -We’re four. My husband , two children, one son and one daughter, and me.     -Thanks. Finally we need a credit card number, specially an Amex one, please.     -Yes, of course. Here you are.     -Thank you, madam. Now , you can go shopping. Enjoy it!.     -Thanks a lot.


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