Discribing Photos

CRICKET:  There’s a grass court, perfectly green and clean, around of big trees. The day is sunny and the weather looks like springtime, because a group men are wearing sweater. The men are cricket players, so They’re wearing a white uniform. You can see six men in the midle of this photo. One of them is carrying a stick.

WATERFALLS: In this photo you can see a very big waterfalls. The view is amazing,Perhaps They’re Iguazou or Niagara Falls. There isn’t nobody in.

ON THE TRAIN: We can see people sitting on a plane or a train. There’re blue seats, two rows on the rigth and two rows on the left side; in the midle there’s a corredor. Above each seatrow there’re bags and suitcases. The most nice bag is the red one.

MONUMENT: In this photograpfy you can see a fountain at the front. In the midle there are statues representing human bodies. At the back somebody is going to upstairs to the main entrance of  an historic building.

PLAYING VOLLEY ON THE BEACH:  In this photo the weather looks like summer season. It is a sunny afternoon and the sea is very quiet. Some people are playing volleyball. I can count eigth boys wearing swimingsuit. At the moment of this photo the ball is above the net and three boys are trying to bit it.

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