Ingredients: 250 grs. mushrooms 250 grs sausage meat 100 grs. blue cheese 50 grs. breadcrumbs 50 grs. minced walnuts  Directions: Snap the stalks of the mushrooms. Place them upside down on an oven tray lined with parchment. Season with salt and peper. Prepare the stuffing: mix meat, blue cheese and half of the breadcrumbs in … Continua la lectura de STUFFED MUSHROOMS WITH SAUSAGE AND BLUE CHEESE


Betty Botter bougth some butter, "But", she said, "this butter's bitter; If I put it in my batter, It will make my batter bitter But a bit of better butter Better than the bitter butter. Will make my bitter butter better" So she bougth a bit of butter, better than the bitter butter, and made her … Continua la lectura de BETTY BOTTER – TONGUE TWISTER

Jewish Style Artichokes by Txell

You will need: 5  Artichokes 2  lemons Salt, pepper Olive oil Methode/Directions: Prepare a large bowl of water. Squeeze two lemons into the bowl, stir, then throw in the squeezed lemon halves. This lemon water will keep your artichokes fresh and green till you're ready to fry them. Cut the stem, leaving 5 cm. aprox. … Continua la lectura de Jewish Style Artichokes by Txell

Sopa de Verduras. Gentileza de la Fina del Espai Cuinam

INGREDIENTES:  Judia,Col, Patata, Zanahoria, Bróquil, Calabacín, Calabaza, Puerro, Cebolla, Arroz PROCESO:  - Se cortan las verduras y las patatas muy pequeñas. - Se ponen en una cazuela y se echa sal. - Se hierve todo una hora aprox. para que coja toda la sustancia. - Una vez hervido se echa un chorro de aceite de … Continua la lectura de Sopa de Verduras. Gentileza de la Fina del Espai Cuinam