• Betty Botter bougth some butter,
  • “But”, she said, “this butter’s bitter;
  • If I put it in my batter,
  • It will make my batter bitter
  • But a bit of better butter
  • Better than the bitter butter.
  • Will make my bitter butter better”
  • So she bougth a bit of butter,
  • better than the bitter butter,
  • and made her bitter batter better.
  • ¡ Oleeeé !

Discribing Photos

CRICKET:  There’s a grass court, perfectly green and clean, around of big trees. The day is sunny and the weather looks like springtime, because a group men are wearing sweater. The men are cricket players, so They’re wearing a white uniform. You can see six men in the midle of this photo. One of them is carrying a stick.

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